Most Frequently Asked

Question: How do I request a new certificate for the web site?
Answer: First, download the QuickStart Guide (PDF) in the column to the right. Then follow the instructions for Requesting the Certificate.

Question: I'm using Microsoft Edge to request a certificate. After I choose Advanced Certificate Request, the screen that comes up does not have a '"Create and Submit..." option. How do I fix that?
Answer: Return to the certsrv Welcome page. Then click on Tools in Edge (... in the top right). On the Tools menu, choose Reload in Internet Explorer mode. Start your request over again.

Question: I'm using IE to request a certificate. How do I fix my CSP option menu that is stuck at "Loading..." ?
Answer: Click on Tools in IE. On the Tools menu, choose Internet Options, select the Security tab at the top, click Trusted Sites, then click the Sites button. Add *.achbusiness.com to Trusted Sites. Return to the certsrv "Welcome" page and start your request over again.

Question: I'm getting a message saying that the ACH file I am trying to send to my Financial Institution exceeds my batch or file limit. What do I need to do?
Answer: First, you must be logged on to the achbusiness.com client portal as an administrator to do this. From the Configuration icons, select User Authorization. Then select your user name and click Select Applications. Choose ACH Origination or ACH Imported. Click the Edit button. Increase the batch and file limits at the bottom. Then click Update and then Save. Exit User Authorization. Try committing your ACH file again.

Question: How do I reverse one or more entries?
Answer: First, create a "dummy" ACH file that has only the entry or entries to be reversed, exactly as they were in the original file. Then, select the filename created from the first step and click the Reverse button. The system will create a second file with the transaction codes reversed. Commit this file to your FI.

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