SBT Business Technologies provides online, hosted, web-based ACH Origination, ACH Receiving, and Correspondent Banking software for your Financial Institution (FI) and your originating clients. SBT is a Third-Party ACH Service Provider but we are not a Third-Party ACH Sender. All processing is performed by our client Financial Institutions using our hosted platforms to create, import, and combine ACH files. FI's then use their FED Advantage or correspondent bank system to upload the combined ACH content to the ACH Operator (Federal Reserve Bank).
Company/Solution Highlights
SBT provides advanced ACH and Correspondent services and solutions to banks and credit unions nationwide.
25+ years experience with ACH
hosted solutions with no software to install or maintain
solutions require Edge, IE, FireFox, or Google Chrome browser and an Internet connection
protected by several layers of physical and digital security
256-bit data encryption from/to our servers (SSL)
complete online compliance documentation including SOC 1, Type 1 Report
ACH Network volumes continue to climb.
According to NACHA, 29.1 billion ACH payments were processed in 2021 and the value of those transactions totaled nearly $73 trillion.

Exploring ACH options?
Are you a small institution paying big fees unsupported by the number of customers you have in your local area? Call or email our Sales Team today!

Or perhaps you are visiting our website exploring your FI's potential for attracting new deposits and generating increased fee income by offering ACH services. We can show you how to accomplish this without any software to install, without any dedicated server (primary or backup), and without wasting personnel productivity and time on IT maintenance.

If you are exploring beginning a business initiative, consider our low file fee versus our competitors who may charge up to $30,000 when you are only starting out with a handful of customers.

Are you concerned about the current regulatory scrutiny of third-party ACH senders? Our solutions are designed to keep the control of the ACH payments in the hands of your Financial Institution and thereby render void this ACH audit issue.

Let SBT show you how to utilize our systems so that your FI and your clients can make the most of the ACH Network. You need to call or e-mail us today! Just click on "Support & Contact" above or below.

This is our hosted ACH Origination platform supporting numerous applications such as automated payroll deposits and automated recurring collection of loan payments.

achbusiness.com plus

This platform combines the Origination capabilities of achbusiness.com with full ACH Receiving capabilities. This includes ACH file delivery, ACH Returns, and Notices of Change.


Full 3-tier Correspondent Banking system providing a wide variety of both Federal Reserve and in-house applications supporting Respondent Banks as well as their customers. Includes ACH Origination & Receiving.

We also deliver...
free online demos
fast, friendly training and support
easy to learn user interface
robust, intuitive solutions