Our Two Main
Software Platforms

Full ACH Origination for FI's and their originating clients. Optional support for ACH Receiving with ACH returns & NOCs is also available.

Full 3-tier Correspondent Banking system providing a wide variety of both Federal Reserve and in-house applications supporting Respondent Banks as well as their customers. Includes ACH Origination & Receiving.

The web sites for both software platforms are dual portal transactional web sites providing ACH Origination and optionally ACH Receiving. Your business customers can make auto payroll deposits for their employees, make direct debits for payment of receivables, deposit taxes, automatically collect recurring loan payments posting directly to loan or G/L accounts, and many more business ACH applications.

The Financial Institution (processor portal) receives all files created or imported by your customers (client portal), combines them into a single file which is then imported into your FRB Fedline Advantage system or correspondent system.

Our software platforms are web-based solutions, so there is no software to install or maintain. And they are completely brandable. All you or your originating clients need is a supported browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or your iPhone) and an Internet connection. We provide the software and infrastructure to run it, you just tend to your clients. If you need assistance, we're a phone call or an e-mail away.

Customer Profiles can be added or deleted by the FI; the FI has complete control of their originating client's profiles.
Major Components

Hosted Web Site Security
The achbusiness.com web sites are hosted on secure servers to protect the sensitive data. The industry standard for securing Web sites is called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Our implementation of SSL provides full 256-bit data encryption using a complex combination of RSA and AES crypto algorithms. This delivers server authentication, message integrity and client authentication for the web site. Combined with digital certificates, both client and server communicate in a way that prevents eavesdropping, tampering or message forgery. Without a valid certificate, the user cannot even access the web site.

Digital Certificates
In addition to web site SSL encyrption, SBT requires a valid digital certificate for each user, whether it be an employee of the FI or an originating client employee. These certificates are no cost to the FI or the FI client and are good for one year. Management of certificates is provided in the software.

Supported SEC Codes & Features

Both platforms support the full range of NACHA defined SEC codes listed below.

• Automated Recurring Payments (CCD/PPD)
• Payroll Deposits (PPD)
• Back office conversion (BOC)
• Bill Collection (ARC)
• Bill Collection (PPD)
• Bill Collection (WEB)
• Bill Collection (TEL)
• Disbursement (CCD)
• Child Support Payments (PPD)
• International ACH transactions (IAT)
• EDI Payment (PPD+)
• Enrollments (ENR)
• Corp. Trade Payments (CTX, import only)
• G/L Transactions (PPD)

Recurring Payments
achbusiness.com provides support for automated recurring payments. This feature allows end-users to set up loan payments, automated billing, and general ledger (G/L) entries on an automatic, recurring schedule. The debit/credit accounts are configured in the database by the client and a file frequency is chosen. Once configured, the system will automatically determine the next generation/effective date. Every business day morning, the system will determine if the file should be created, and if so, will create it, commit it to your Financial Institution, and send you a report via email. FI's can use this feature to automatically collect loan payments and post them directly to their loan account or a G/L account.

Managing ACH Risk
Integrated into our ACH origination software system is a powerful ACH Risk Management reporting component that will:

• enforce temporal limits (transaction, batch, and file limits)
• monitor daily and monthly limits by customer
• monitor origination/return deviations from "norms" by SEC code
• flag unauthorized debits
• help identify suspicious activity
• help financial institutions comply with NACHA Operating Rules and Audit requirements

Importing ACH Data

Our platforms can import NACHA formatted ACH files created by external systems such as Sage or Quickbooks. They can also import raw data via a simple template to populate account databases or create an ACH file.

• Loan Payments (PPD)
• Cash Concentration (CCD)
• EDI Payments (CCD+)
• Tax Deposits (EFTPS) (CCD)
• A/R Check Conversion (ARC)
• Destroyed Check (XCK)
• Truncated Check (trC)
• Represented Check (RCK)
• POP MICR Capture (POP)
• Returns
• Notices of Change (NOC)
• ACH File Delivery